The Canadian studio is managed by John Weitner
(photo of me)
John has been a devoted fan of surround music since it first began in the 1970′s with the advent of Quadraphonic recordings. Over the years John has worked on numerous 5.1 projects covering all genres of music. Today his focus is on 5.1 mixing and mastering of studio produced albums.
The Canadian studio uses 2 seperate state of the art rooms – one room is for mixing and initial mastering, and the 2nd room is used for final mastering.
The Mixing Room
By design, this room is all digital, with 5 identical Genelec monitors and matching Genelec sub-woofer. Acoustical room treatments were provided by RPG Diffusor Systems near Baltimore, MD.
Final Mastering Room
To insure, we are happy with your project, we listen to our work in a world class home theater. RPG custom designed all the acoustic treatments in this room using revolutionary new designs and concepts.
Equipment in this room consists of:
Mains – Wilson Maxx 3
Center – Wilson Polaris
Sides and Surrounds – Wilson Sasha’s
Sub-Woofers – 3 Gotham G-213′s by JL Audio
Each Wilson speaker is powered by a Boulder 2050 Mono Amp.
Preamp: Denon AVP-A1HDCI