The Canadian studio is managed by John Weitner using 2 separate state of the art rooms for mixing and mastering, with a 2nd room for final mastering.

The Mixing Room

The studio used for the mixing is by design entirely digital. It uses Pro Tools 10 and the Complete Production Toolkit 2, with 5 identical Genelec monitors and matching Genelec sub-woofer. Acoustical room treatments provided by RPG Diffusor Systems near Baltimore, MD.

Final Mastering Room

To insure satisfaction with your project, we listen to our work in a world class home theater. RPG custom designed all the acoustic treatments in this room using revolutionary new designs and concepts.

Equipment in this room consists of:

Mains – Wilson Maxx 3
Center – Wilson Polaris
Sides and Surrounds – Wilson Sasha’s
Sub-Woofers – 3 Gotham G-213′s by JL Audio
Each Wilson speaker is powered by a Boulder 2050 Mono Amp.
Preamp: Denon AVP-A1HDCI

The California studio is managed by Glenn Newell

Large Diaphragm Condenser
2 Oktava mk-319
1 MXL 960 tube
1 MXL 4000 multi-pattern
1 MXL 992
3 MXL V63M
Small Diaphragm Condenser
2 Audio Technica AT3031
2 Sony ECM-22P
2 Beyer M88
4 Shure SM57
1 Generic “SM58″
CAD Pro-4 Drum Microphone Pack
2 TM-211

Drum Triggers
7 Ddrum Reds
Alesis Trigger I/O
DI box
8 ch. Behringer Ultra-DI Pro DI4000

Mic Preamps and Audio Interfaces
ART DPS-II 2ch Tube preamp
2 ART Tube MP Studio
Focusrite Saffire Pro-40 8ch mic preamp
Behringer ADA 8000 8ch mic preamp

For connection into live sound gear:
18 ch ART transformer isolated mic splitter with ground isolation switches
2 8 ch. 100 ft. xlr snake
1 16 ch. 10 ft. xlr snake

Pro Tools 10 and Complete Production Toolkit 2
Stereo and 5.1 surround mix/production

Plogue Bidule for live mobile recording of up to 18 simultaneous tracks

Genelec 8020B and 7050B 5.1 Surround Studio Monitors

Dual monitor mixes with headphone distribution system.
Sony MDR-XD100, Sennheiser HD-201, and Beyer DT-330 mkII headphones

Axiom 49 key midi keyboard
Axiom 25 key midi keyboard
Roland PK-5A 1 Octave midi bass pedals
Yamaha BC3 Breath Controller – Midi solutions Breath Controller Adapter
Suzuki QChord
Ovation 6 String Mid Bowl Acoustic Electric Guitar
9 Pad Drum Kit – Rolland, Yamaha, and Various Pads & Cymbals – Alesis Trigger I/O
2 Yamaha YDD-60 Electronic Drum Kits and Misc. Percussion